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Boretec 1 is a team committed to providing the best drilling service available. We know that when you trust Boretec 1 to do a job, you’re not just hiring a piece of equipment - you’re hiring the problem solving skills we provide and the expertise from our years of experience. The strength, drive and pride in our work will be evident in every project.
Drilling and Sampling

Versatile Drilling Services That Can
Make The Difference In Your Project

TD 85 Trailer Drill
TD 85 Trailer Drill Paved or gravel roads with
minimal setup and
teardown time.
EC 95 Track Drill
EC 95 Track Drill Reach steep and rugged drill sites, and areas not easily accessible.
RCT 60 Track Drill
RCT 60 Track Drill High power to work in tight areas and limited space via remote control.
Acker Soil Mechanic
Acker Soil Mechanic More power and greater depth with a hand portable drill for tight spaces, steep hill sides and inside buildings.